Kelli Jones


Oklahoma born and raised, Kelli felt the mountains calling and ended up in Breckenridge, Colorado the summer of 2009. Here, she was introduced to a more sustainable way of life, with a bag fee ordinance being the highlight that increased her awareness to make environmentally conscious decisions in an every day practice. She learned to ski the steeps and pedal single track there in summit, which further readied her for extraordinary mountain life. It just took one weekend trip to Crested Butte, and Kelli quickly realized that this funky little mountain town at the end of the road, was where her journey continued. After two years of pursuing a dental hygiene career in this wondrous place, the majestic Elk Mountains decided she was ready and welcomed her with 3 feet of snow, January 31st, 2016. Astonished that CB had no local ordinance to help reduce/discourage single use paper/plastic bags, Kelli joined the local initiative in hopes to at the very least, educate locals/tourists through her everyday practice of making that eco friendly choice.

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