“Yikes humans”

This past week on Facebook, a local shared a photo of an overflowing receptacle site on Elk Avenue with the caption “Yikes humans”. Sustainable CB reposted the photo and poised a question to the community: what are your thoughts on this and ideas to address this issue?Community members responded with many ideas & solutions such as the town emptying the receptacle stations more often during peak summer days, and transitioning away from single-use plastics all together. Others responded saying that there were emptier bins only 50 ft away, and that at least the rubbish was stacked on the bins versus thrown on the ground. Our favorite responses
included giving an award to the business that creates the most waste and putting a system in place that identifies if a certain business is creating way too much single use trash/overwhelming the public receptacles and that the said business should be fined. Have you identified other
sustainability issues/situations in our community?