Founder Benjamin Swift talking with supporters

From our earliest days as an organization, we have been engaging with local governments to encourage policies that are good for the environment. Our original name was “Plastic Bag Free CB” and our first major accomplishment was convincing Crested Butte to enact a Plastic Bag Ban in August of 2016.

While we have expanded our mission to include a lot of other programming, we’re still heavily involved in setting public policy in the Gunnison Valley. We were a key player in the development of the Crested Butte Climate Action Plan and we continue to take the lead on many of the outreach efforts in the plan.

Our goal moving forward is to not only meaningfully engage in policy, but also to give you the tools and information you need to get involved yourself. We plan to continue building our reach in this area over the next 5 years and we hope you’ll join us!

Straw-Free Gunnison Valley

Now that we have a plastic bag ban, the next single-use waste we’re tackling is plastic straws. One study estimates that 500 Million straws are used in the US every single day. We’ve taken a slightly different approach with Straw-Free Gunnison Valley than we did with the plastic bag ban.

Plastic Bag Ban

It was a hard-fought process to get the Town of Crested Butte to pass its plastic bag ban in 2016. It took two full years after it was passed to get to implementation. We’ve pulled together some tips about how we achieved this so that you can learn from our successes and implement one in your own community