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Eco-Cycle & Hard to Recycle Materials

Have you ever heard of Eco-Cycle & their CHaRM facility? Based out of Boulder, CO Eco-cycle is one of the largest non-profit recyclers in the USA and also has an international reputation as a pioneer in resource conservation. Their CHaRM facility accepts many hard to recycle items such as plastic bags, electronics, appliances, and even things like fire extenguishers. For a while now, Sustainable CB has partnered with local businesses & taken plastic and other materials to Eco-Cycle. Sustainable CB is looking for a community member that frequently drives to the Boulder/Denver Area and who would be willing to fill their car with these hard to recycle materials. Sustainable CB will provide compensation for gas & cover the drop off fees for these materials. Email if you can help us continue this program, even if it is just one trip.

Fall Clean Ups

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, it is important to keep a few things in mind to maintain energy efficiency at your home and in your life. Check the air pressure in your tires. Cooler temperatures lower tire pressure and that, in turn, lowers fuel efficiency. Move furniture or any obstructions from vents, baseboard heaters, or radiators so that air moves freely. Check doors for weather stripping and replace as necessary. Lastly, as the autumn leaves continue to fall, consider raking them up rather than using a “blower”. Once raked up, use them as mulch to protect plants throughout the winter or add them to a compost pile.


As summer is winding down, Crested Butte is ready to welcome fall with our Vinotok Celebration. How can we be more sustainabable during this week of festivities? Instead of buying a new costume on Amazon, check out our local thrift stores and designers for options. Think about bringing your own reusable plate/cups/silverware/napkin to the Community Feast. Instead of driving into town for the celebrations, carpool with your friends or utilize our amazing public transportation in the Valley. Make sure to pick up that piece of trash you see on the street, respect others, and have fun!


As rental property owners, landlords have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment by taking steps to address green initiatives for their rental homes. Not only will an environmentally conscious landlord contribute towards global conservation efforts, but their green properties are considered more desirable by renters. Make your rental process paperless by switching to online rental applications and notices. Update your home’s energy efficiency by transitioning to more green appliances and insuring your property is properly insulated. If you do short-term rentals, provide large toiletree dispensers that you can easily refill versus using mini bottles.

Poop Problems

Many concerned Crested Buttians have reached out to Sustainable CB on the issue of poop. Dog poop to be specific and how it is (sometimes) disposed of in these awful plastic bags. Mimi Chatwood of Bliss Chiropractic told us that she has been in contact with the Town “but there has been no change, and the ones the town has at the light posts are terrible for the environment”. We reached out to Mountain Tails, our local pet shop, and asked about accessible altneratives to these pesky poop bags. They recommended Earth Rated biodegradable bags and Cycle Dog bags made out of corn and plant starches. Both bags can take up to 2 years to degrade, but are still a better option than never degrading. Another alternative is pooper scoopers, especially if you have more than one dog, and this by-passes the need for bags all together. You can flush that poop down the toliet, create your own dog-poop-only-compost bin, or bury it at least 5 inches underground, away from veggie gardens and water sources. (Burying works best if you live in a rural area with space away from the house.) All these tips apply to human poop too– pack in and pack out!

“Yikes humans”

This past week on Facebook, a local shared a photo of an overflowing receptacle site on Elk Avenue with the caption “Yikes humans”. Sustainable CB reposted the photo and poised a question to the community: what are your thoughts on this and ideas to address this issue?Community members responded with many ideas & solutions such as the town emptying the receptacle stations more often during peak summer days, and transitioning away from single-use plastics all together. Others responded saying that there were emptier bins only 50 ft away, and that at least the rubbish was stacked on the bins versus thrown on the ground. Our favorite responses
included giving an award to the business that creates the most waste and putting a system in place that identifies if a certain business is creating way too much single use trash/overwhelming the public receptacles and that the said business should be fined. Have you identified other
sustainability issues/situations in our community?

Eco-Conscious Summer Mind

Summer is finally in full swing with music festivals, events every night, and wildflowers galore. Although we all are much busier, it is still important to keep an eco-conscious mind in our day-to-day life. For Alpenglow and Mt. CB summer concert series, definitely do not forget your reusable cup and even consider bringing reusable plates and cultery to further your impact! Bring your own bag to the Farmer’s Market, pick up that piece of trash you see while hiking, and support local farms and sustainable businesses. These little steps not only create awareness in our community on the environmental impact of our actions and decisions, but also can turn
these sustainability tips into intrinsic parts of our daily lives as Crested Buttians.

Summer Reminders

Yes, summer is finally upon us! It is important to make sure we have a few key sustainable items in our every day tool kit as the summer gets into full swing. Make sure to invest in a reusable water bottle and to bring it on those strolls around town or hikes in the National Forest. Throw a few reusable bags in your car and backpack when going to Gunnison or to a Farmer’s Market. Invest in a townie bike instead of driving around town this summer– parking is already a nightmare.

Memorial Day Weekend

First off, thank you to all of our Armed Service Members for their service and commitment to protect our country! To honor these brave folks, lets try and embrace a few sustainable practices this upcoming weekend. Ditch the single-use bottle water and have pitchers of water isntead. Consider grilling with propane gas, natural gas or solar energy to reduce air pollution emissions. Try to barbeque without lighter fluid and pass on the fireworks this year. The animals in your area and Mother Earth will thank you!

Gearing up for BBQ Season

As summer is slowly approaching, many of us are salivating for the grilling season. To make your BBQ more eco-friendly consider these tips! If you are in the market for a new grill, try to buy one made in the U.S.A. Invest in re-usable plates, cups, and utensils or reserve these items through Sustainable CB’s Waste Free Event Program! Lastly, instead of buying individual juice packs for the kids, make a big batch of lemonade or punch for them.

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