Straw Free Gunnison Valley

Straw Free Gunnison Valley Compliant Businesses

To be deemed a compliant business, businesses must subscribe to “straws available upon request” & utilize plastic straw alternatives such as paper or metal straws, or have no straws at their establishment what so ever. Businesses that are moving towards being totally #strawfree (listed below) are typically getting rid of the current stock they have & plan on not utilizing plastic straws after that point! Thank you to Kristin Fitzgerald for designing the logo for this campaign.

In Crested Butte:

  1. Montanya’s Distillery
  2. The Public House
  3. The Dogwood
  4. Princess Wine Bar
  5. Coal Creek Grill
  6. The Sunflower
  7. Soupcon
  8. Mountain Maid Coffee (Farmer’s Markets)
  9. The Last Steep
  10. Franks Deli
  11. Gas Cafe
  12. Donita’s
  13. Octopus Coffee
  14. Off Elk Bakery
  15. Sherpa Cafe (Moving to Straw Free)
  16. Mikey’s Pizza (Moving to Straw Free)
  17. The Slogar (Moving to Straw Free)
  18. Rumor’s Coffee (Moving to Straw Free)
  19. Brick Oven (Moving to Straw Free)
  20. T-Bar (Moving to Straw Free)

Compliant Mt. Crested Butte Businesses

  1. The Avalanche Bar & Grill
  2. The Divvy

If you’re a business that is Straw Free or wanting to transition away from single-use plastics, feel free to email us at!