Boomerang Bags



Boomerang Bags are bags that you can borrow and bring back to many retail stores throughout town.  

Participating Stores:

  • Pema Dawa
  • The Alpineer
  • The Mountain Store
  • CB Kids
  • The Museum Store
  • Flatiron Sports
  • Rooted Apothecary
  • Dragonfly Anglers
  • The Library
  • Grit
  • Little Sparrow
  • Casa Bella
  • Scout’s General Store
  • Chopwood Mercantile


Other Boomerang Bag Rack Locations:

  • Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce
  • Mt. Crested Butte Transit Center
  • Three Season’s Building
  • The Grand Lodge
  • The Lodge at Mountaineer Square
  • The Elevation


 Visitors can also leave bags in their hotel rooms upon departure and staff will put them back into the Boomerang Bag rotation.


Town of Crested Butte Boomerang Bag Locations:


Mount Crested Butte Boomerang Bag Locations:


Boomerang Bags are an idea that originated in Australia.  Crested Butte is one of two U.S. cities participating in the program.  To learn more or to start a Boomerang Bag program in your town, visit the Boomerang Bag website, here.