Boomerang Bag Program

Did you know that our local Boomerang Bag Program is part of a global movement?

Started in Australia, the Boomerang Bag movement has spread to over 1,100 communities worldwide, and has diverted thousands of plastic bags from the landfill. Each Boomerang Bag saves 500 plastic bags from the landfill. However, these Boomerang Bags are more than just a bag! The Boomerang Bag Program facilitates meaningful dialogue surrounding the consequences of plastic bags and other single use waste items. Through these conversations, the Boomerang Bag Program encourages sustainable practices and fosters lasting behavior change.

Click here to see the Boomerang Bags Crested Butte page and learn more about the international Boomerang Bags movement! If you want to become involved in our Boomerang Bag Program, start a Boomerang Bag Program in your town, or have a Boomerang Bag location at your business, please email us at!


How the Boomerang Bag Program works:

  1. Boomerang Bags are crafted locally from hemp bags, donated fabric, donated materials, and made by local volunteers and seamstresses.
  2. Boomerang Bags can be found at any of the participating locations listed below in the Towns of Crested Butte and Mount Crested Butte.
  3. When you utilize a Boomerang Bag, you can return the bag to one of the participating locations aka Boomerang it back into circulation!
  4. If you want to hold on to a Boomerang Bag, there is a suggested donation amount of $20.00 to help Sustainable CB continue this program. CLICK HERE to make a donation!

Boomerang Bag Program Participating Stores:

  • Crested Butte Sports
  • The Alpineer
  • The Mountain Store
  • The Museum Store
  • Flatiron Sports
  • Dragonfly Anglers
  • The Library
  • Grit
  • Casa Bella
  • Scout’s General Store
  • Chopwood Mercantile
  • CB Sports
  • Mountain Tails

Other Boomerang Bag Rack Locations:

  • Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce
  • Mt. Crested Butte Transit Center
  • The Plaza in Mt. CB
  • The Grand Lodge
  • The Lodge at Mountaineer Square
  • Elevation
  • Nordic Inn

Visitors can also leave Boomerang Bags in their hotel rooms upon departure and staff will put them back into the Boomerang Bag rotation.

Town of Crested Butte Boomerang Bag Locations:

Mt. Crested Butte Boomerang Bag Locations: