Day 1 | Reusable Mugs & Bottles

Day 1: Reusable Mugs and Water Bottles

The Goal: Use your own mugs and water bottles when going out.

This challenge focuses on bringing reusable mugs and water bottles with you when going out for coffee or any other drink. Despite this seeming like a miniscule task, the potential impact is essential towards global sustainability. Statistics show that the majority of people are much more likely to bring a reusable item when there is a negative connotation involved such as a fine for a single use bag in the grocery store compared to a positive outcome such as if you bring a reusable bag you save a small percentage on your bill. Consumers are much more motivated to avoid a fine than to take advantage of a reimbursement.

Although it may seem like a hassle to lug around a coffee cup all day, it is easier than you think. In addition there is one brand in particular that has formulated a flexible bottle that can go from holding boiling water to ice cold water. The brand is “Que” and their product is a contractible water bottle that you can squish down when you are through with your beverage. 

An immense amount of waste is due to plastic and 91% of it is not recyclable. Although an important sustainable goal is to increase recycling, the goal is to refuse plastic in the first place. This is a mindset and habit issue for consumers. They will need to make changes and include awareness to their current lifestyles. Coffee cups are one large issue that is connected to the idea of changing how society looks upon single use items; on average a coffee cup is only used for a few minutes and then discarded. Overall, being educated on how much waste disposable cups produce is essential, and now it is your turn to take that knowledge and reduce your disposable footprint.