Day 4 | Use Reusable Bags

Day 4- Reusable Bags

The Goal: Today’s challenge is to use only reusable bags from around your house when shopping or going out and refusing single-use plastic bags. 

Bags…. Ending up in our oceans, sea life, and us.

One out of the main three themes that the United Nations uses to describe the qualifications for sustainability is environmental protection. There are many resources available to attain a more sustainable life and the recognition of how harmful single use items can be is essential to bettering our society and protecting the environment. Today’s challenge focuses on reusable bags and while Crested Butte has taken great strides within the community to eliminate single use bag waste there is always room for improvement. Realizing the harmful impact single use items have on the environment is part of the goal because in order for people to enforce these regulations they need to understand and actually want to participate. 

There are many documentaries and statistics to prove just how harmful single use is but until our society recognizes it as a whole and has a desire to change it is incredibly important to take your own initiative and use your knowledge and resources to educate those around you (see below). One of those resources is the movie Bag It! which is about the harms of plastic bag use and actually takes place in Colorado. It is the mentality that is necessary for a societal change to occur. 

The reusable bags is one way to replace single use, and despite it not being a huge issue in Crested Butte alone because of the change that has already been made, it is still a huge issue elsewhere in the country and world. For today’s challenge we ask you to put easily accessible reusable bags in the car and in your household for when you go to the grocery store or shopping and in addition to thoroughly educate yourself on this subject and share your knowledge. There are many sites and documentaries listed below that could be incredibly beneficial. Be the change!