Day 5 | Meat & Dairy Reduction

Day 5: Meat and Dairy Reduction

The Goal: Realize what you are eating/where it comes from and take the day to limit your meat and dairy consumption.

“After investigating the impact of meat and dairy on Earth, the authors note that a vegan diet is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on Earth. Buying an electric car, lowering your thermostat, and taking quick showers all pale in comparison to simply eating less meat and dairy. Particularly, reducing the consumption of beef, dairy, and pork cuts out some of the largest culprits” (Forbes). 

Today’s challenge is not to go vegan. Today’s focus is to limit the overall meat and dairy consumption within your household; this does not entail a complete diet transformation it is to bring awareness around the single biggest way to reduce your carbon footprint on Earth. 

The farming industry is one of the most impactful industries when it comes to contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.  There is a mass of variability when it comes to the environmental impacts. The levels of conservation differ and in order to make an impact the entire population does not need to become vegan. Cutting back on meat and dairy consumption and replacing it with a plant based diet is incredibly beneficial to the environment as a whole and reduces the amount of Carbon emission released into the atmosphere. If you are looking to attain a more sustainable lifestyle incorporate a more plant based diet into your weekly meals, and when you do eat meat be cautious of where it came from because there is a difference in greenhouse gas emissions depending on where the animals were raised.