Day 6 | Write Your Representatives

Day 6: Research Legislation and Contact Representatives

The Goal: Today’s challenge is to take the knowledge you’ve gained and use it to write to your government representatives about environmental issues you care about. 

A very important part of being an environmental activist is reaching out to representatives and being an active voice when environmental policies are in consideration. Reaching out to the Colorado representative allows them to accurately represent the CO citizens, and makes them aware that we will not stand for climate injustice. Your voice matters! By spending 10 minutes of your day contacting government representatives you make sure the environment is heard.

The first step in contacting representatives is finding their information. By searching your address here, you can find your federal and state representatives. Next, contact them. For an email or letter, begin by stating your name and address so they know what you have to say is relevant to who they represent. Make your message clear about the topic and your viewpoint, and remember to speak from your own experiences. After you are done, proofread your message and make sure it says all that you want to say. Phone calls are also effective, and writing out what you would like to say may help on the phone, especially if you get their voicemail. Signing petitions is another quick and easy way to be a part of the climate voice, and many can be found, researched, and signed here, or you can research and seek out your own!

Some topics you can focus on are climate change in general, single use plastic waste, water waste/contamination, consumerism, the farming industry,  carbon emissions, energy waste and efficiency, deforestation, the Green New Deal (explained in this video), river pollution, ocean pollution, wildfires, the Colorado river, etc. By using our resources or finding your own resources, send an informed email regarding upcoming votes or policies you believe should change.Contacting your representatives does make  an impact. Make sure to stay current on climate policies, and make climate platforms a part of how you vote- it makes a difference!