Day 7 | Watch an Environmental Movie

Day 7: Watch an Environmental Movie/Further your Education

The Best Environmental Films, Movies & Documentaries of All Time

The Goal: By way of watching environmental movies, educate both yourself and the people around you on current environmental issues.

Today is focused on you educating yourself and your family further, and a pretty fun way to do that is to watch a movie! There are movies on all sorts of topics, whether it’s about plastic in the ocean, plastic bags, climate change, or water waste, there are many incredible educational videos to check out. As the last day of this challenge, educate yourself and share what you’ve learned with your friends and family. In addition, while it’s technically the last day, don’t make it the end of your new sustainable habits! Continue reusing bags, mugs, and water bottles, use less water, be aware of the food you’re eating and the products you’re buying. Become an active advocate by writing to your representatives and sharing what you learn with the people around you, and always continue to learn and educate yourself on the environment- it’s counting on us!

  • An Inconvenient Truth
    • A warning and explanation on the severity of climate change by former Vice President and Presidential candidate Al Gore
  • An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power
    • Al Gore’s sequel on how the impending threat of climate change can still be overcome and solved.
  • Wasted! The Story of Food Waste
    • An explanation on the growing food waste and how the problem can be solved
  • Bag it!
    • A man from Colorado realises the wastefulness of plastic bags, and challenges himself to not use them. In the film he explores just how non-disposable plastic bags really are.
  • Racing Extinction 
    • How mankind has contributed to the extinction of different species across the world
  • Our Planet (on Netflix)
    • 8 episodes addressing the world’s beauty as well as Climate Change in different ecosystems
  • A Plastic Ocean (on Netflix)
    • The truth about single-use plastics and our ocean along with solutions to the problem
  • Earth’s Natural Wonders (on Netflix)
    • Shows the extreme environments that people have adapted to living in and how their life is in the face of adversity