Be the Change

We believe that our little piece of mountain paradise is worth fighting for. We also believe that we each have a role to play in saving our planet.

Bike protest on Elk Avenue in downtown Crested Butte

Our organization’s mere existence is a testament to the power of hope and the ability of one individual, no matter their age, power, or wealth, to make a difference. Founded by a Crested Butte Community School junior less than 5 years ago, we’ve already accomplished so much. We invite you to join us and commit to being the change that we need to protect this rugged paradise we love so much and our planet as a whole.

Donate or Volunteer

We’re a lean, tough organization. Like generations of Crested Buttians before us, we have learned to do a lot with a little. We are always looking to expand our army of volunteers and financial supporters. If either of these appeals to you, join us.

7-Day Challenge

We created a 7-Day Sustainability Challenge to help you find ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. This self-guided challenge takes one week to do and gives you the chance to engage in concrete steps you can take in your life to live more sustainably.

Recycling Information

Do you know when and where you can recycle electronics in the Gunnison Valley or what to do with the phone book you get in the mail every year but don’t end up using? We do! Check out our Recycling page to find a one-stop source of information on recycling and sustainability in the Gunnison Valley.

Business Resources

We can do a lot to reduce our impact as individuals. If you are one of our many great business owners in the Gunnison Valley, you might have the power and opportunity to do even more. We’ve worked with different organizations to collect resources that will help you and your business be as green as possible. We know margins are slim here in the Gunnison Valley, but it’s possible that an upfront investment will pay dividends in the long-term.