Poop Problems

Many concerned Crested Buttians have reached out to Sustainable CB on the issue of poop. Dog poop to be specific and how it is (sometimes) disposed of in these awful plastic bags. Mimi Chatwood of Bliss Chiropractic told us that she has been in contact with the Town “but there has been no change, and the ones the town has at the light posts are terrible for the environment”. We reached out to Mountain Tails, our local pet shop, and asked about accessible altneratives to these pesky poop bags. They recommended Earth Rated biodegradable bags and Cycle Dog bags made out of corn and plant starches. Both bags can take up to 2 years to degrade, but are still a better option than never degrading. Another alternative is pooper scoopers, especially if you have more than one dog, and this by-passes the need for bags all together. You can flush that poop down the toliet, create your own dog-poop-only-compost bin, or bury it at least 5 inches underground, away from veggie gardens and water sources. (Burying works best if you live in a rural area with space away from the house.) All these tips apply to human poop too– pack in and pack out!