Tip of the Week

In Crested Butte most of us wish for a white Christmas, but here are some ways to make your Christmas green.

Buy locally crafted gifts and save the environmental costs of transporting gifts from distant places. Giving the gift of services is personal and requires little or no natural resources. Use your baking, sewing, or handy man skills to make homemade gifts that are unique.  Buy toys that do not require toxic batteries. Remember the “Peace ON Earth” Christmas theme and avoid giving children toys that promote violence. Take time to relax and slow down and feel the joy of Christmas. Being kind and patient at this busy time of year is one of the best gifts you can give to others.

Lower the impact of electricity use by reducing your lighting displays and using LED holiday lights.

Choose E Cards instead of paper and save trees, printing, and transportation costs. Find creative gift wrapping alternatives such as fabric and colorful old tee shirts. Save the gift boxes and bags that you receive to reuse next year.

Merry Christmas from Sustainable Crested Butte.

Be The Change