Tip of the Week

This time of year, many of us travel before the busyness of summer arrives. On your travels you’ll notice signs in hotels asking guests to hang up their towels and put a card on their beds to leave the linens and skip washing towels and sheets every day, in a bid to save water and energy. But, does this make a difference? It turns out that it does! As reported in National Geographic and the Smithsonian Magazine, “the American Hotel and Lodging Association estimates that the request reduces the number of loads of laundry washed—as well as the related water, sewer, energy, and labor costs—by 17 percent. The association also notes that such programs increase the lifespan of towels and linens, thus reducing replacement costs. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that hotels and other lodgings use about 15 percent of the total water taken up by commercial and institutional facilities in the United States, according to agency spokesperson Carissa Cyran. The commercial and institutional sector, in turn, is responsible for about 17 percent of the withdrawals from U.S. public water systems.” So do your part on vacation and “Be the Change”