Tip of the Week

Now that spring really has sprung in Gunnison County, this is a good time to check for drafts and leaks around doors and windows. You should also set aside some time to compare last year’s and this year’s electric bills to see if your electric bills and kilowatt hours have increased significantly. Keeping an eye on your usage will help you track down energy fluctuations from a variety of potential sources like leaky windows, new appliances, or insulation that needs to be replaced. According to the Gunnison County Electric Association’s website: “Commercial and residential buildings use nearly 40% of the total energy consumed in the US each year and produce more than 40% of the nation’s carbon pollution. You can learn how to reduce your energy consumption with an energy audit. For more information or to schedule an audit, call GCEA’s energy use specialist at 970-641-3520.” Sustainable Crested Butte encourages you to “Be the Change”