Tip of the Week

Compost is Awesome! But what is it? Compost is the perfect mix of carbon and nitrogen…it is as simple as mixing your food scraps with some leaves and letting Mother Nature take over to create a soil-like substrate. Amazingly enough, of the 167 MILLION TONS of trash that U.S. landfills and incinerators receive each year, 50% is compostable and 20-30% alone is food scraps.

     Composting is an excellent way to care for the soil and water. It adds nutrients and beneficial microbes to the soil, it helps balance the pH of the soil and it provides food for microorganisms and worms. Compost loosens clay soils while helping sandier soils hold moisture, and it reduces soil erosion and maintains moisture so crops need less water. Sustainable Crested Butte digs composting. Check out www.guerillacomposting.com  and “Be the Change”. Learn more at www.sustainablecb.org