Waste-Free Events

While we started advocating for a plastic-bag ban in Crested Butte, we quickly expanded our efforts to tackle eliminating other sources of single-use waste in the Gunnison Valley. One of our earliest, and most successful, ongoing efforts is our Waste-Free Events program. Between when we launched in 2016 and the end of 2019, event hosts using our materials diverted over 70,000 single-use items from the Gunnison County landfill.

Waste-Free Events are now a key part of Crested Butte’s 2019 Climate Action Plan, and event planners are asked to make choices to mitigate the environmental impact of all local events. If you’re an event planner in the Gunnison Valley, we want to support you as you make these choices. Check out our Waste-Free Events Toolkit and reach out if we can support you in implementing your ideas!

Rent our Waste-Free Events Supplies

Thank you for exploring options for how to reduce the impact of your event! We applaud you for choosing to refuse single-use items, a sustainable choice that has local and global impacts. You are helping to reduce impacts on the environment locally by reducing the amount of waste being sent to the landfill. On a global scale, your choice helps by reducing the demand for production of single-use items and decreasing the carbon impacts of shipping these items across the world to our remote mountain paradise.

Instead of hosting your event with single-use throwaway items, we offer 100% post-consumer reusable plasticware made by Preserve and secondhand goods donated or collected from thrift stores that are available for rent with washing service at affordable rates!

At Crested Butte’s Personal Chefs we really enjoy having an affordable and sustainable solution for our events. The dishes and flatware are a great option.

Dana Zobs, Owner, CBPC

We currently have enough materials (including specialty items like champagne flutes, mugs, and wine glasses) to equip events of up to 300 or more guests. If your event is even larger, please email our team. We may be able to partner with you to increase our capacity and meet your needs.

Rental Fees

0-50 sets$30$10$40
51-100 sets$60$20$80
101-150 sets$90$30$120
151-200 sets$120$40$160
201-250 sets$150$50$200
251-300 sets$180$60$240
300+ sets$210$70$280
  • colorful plates and cups for Waste-Free Events

“The plates, napkins, mugs and silverware I rented were the perfect addition to my wedding tabletop set up and added such a fun blast of color to the table. The rental process was an easy transaction and very affordable!”

Lizzy Plotkin, Summer 2020 Bride

Here’s How it Works

We’re so excited to have the opportunity to partner with you to provide an affordable solution to reduce the environmental impact of your event. Here’s how to reserve our Waste-Free Events materials.

  1. Check out our calendar below to see if our items are available for your event.
  2. Fill out our form to request our materials.
  3. One of our team members will contact you to discuss your needs and work out the details.
  4. On the day of your event, pick up the supplies from our office at the Center for the Arts. We will even include a sign that lets people know you have made the sustainable choice on behalf of our planet by refusing single-use plastic items for the event.
  5. During the event, celebrate your efforts to host a sustainable event! If it’s appropriate for your event, make an announcement thanking your attendees for supporting your efforts to hit the goals in the Crested Butte Climate Action Plan.
  6. If you signed up for our washing service, return the materials to our office at the agreed upon date and time. If you choose to wash them yourself instead, make sure to wash and launder everything before you return it.

Reducing the impact of your event can be that simple. If you want to take it even further and learn about other steps you can take to reduce the impact of your event on the environment, check out our Waste-Free Events Toolkit. This resource is filled with great ideas and case studies on how to hold a zero-waste event.


Dozens of volunteers have supported Waste-Free Events since it began. If you’re interested in helping us out, head over to our Volunteer Information page.