Waste-Free Events Toolkit

While using our Waste-Free Events supplies is a great first step to reducing the waste from your event, it’s only the beginning. Planning a zero-waste event might sound intimidating, but with our support, it can be a fairly straightforward process. We’ve developed a toolkit to help you figure out if this next step is the right thing for your event. If you want additional hands-on support, we have Waste-Free Events consultants who can work through the details of your particular event.

Graphic showing the 9 steps for a zero-waste event: develop a site plan, determine goals, support vendors, secure receptacles, create signage, secure volunteers, educate patrons, hold event, gather feedback
Nine Steps to Zero-Waste Events

Nine-Step Process to Waste-Free Events

Crested Butte’s special events are a treasured cornerstone of this community. They bring people together, they help support a lot of great causes, and there is always something unique about them that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Our hats are off to the people who build these events from ideas into treasured community celebrations. You are phenomenal.

The Crested Butte Climate Action Plan asks event organizers like you to take steps to reduce the environmental impact of your events. We’ve developed a nine-step process to help you do that. Each of us has the power to be the change by making a series of small changes. Those small changes can add up to a big impact. Starting with developing a site plan and finishing with gathering feedback after the event, our guide will walk you through exactly how to get from your goal of a zero-waste event to successfully executing one.

Want More Hands-On Support?

If you want additional support in executing your zero-waste event, we can help with that, too! We have experienced Waste-Free Events consultants available to give you more tailored support. They’ve done it all from wrangling volunteers to arranging for donation of surplus food afterwards. Email sustainablecb@gmail.com to learn about pricing and be connected with one of our consultants.